How To Lose 10 Pounds – Fast And Healthy Way

Healthy weight loss
There Are Super Effective Ways But No Shortcuts

A lot of us have this goal of loosing fat quickly or something more exact like losing 10 pounds fast. Now there is no magic pill which can make this happen and if you do find one, run away from it because it won’t really be healthy. Weight loss never happens over night but you can still lose weight fast in a reasonable amount of time. Losing 10 pounds in a healthy way is very much possible and if you follow a good diet and exercise regime you can lose even more but the most important factor here is to understand how our body functions and take action.

Our bodies are amazingly adaptive to whatever you put them to. We are always changing – for better or worse. Now you have to consciously decide whether you want to change for the better and do something about it or it will change for worse. The choice is yours, there are no two ways about it. Now that does nt mean that you will have to do some difficult or tough changes to yourself. It can happen with small and easy steps but you have to do something. How can you expect a change if you stick to the same old eating habits and the same old routines?lose weight

No Starving – Starving has more negative effects than positive ones. Starving will make you feel low on your energy and weak both mentally and physically. This is also one of the eating disorders and should not be followed for weight loss.

The only healthy and fast way to do it is to make some changes in your diet and lifestyle. The best way to lose weight is getting into a combination of diet and exercise.  You don’t need some fancy diets, I have seen fashion in diets come and go but the fundamentals remain the same and they are simple. I will outline some of the basic things you can do to lose weight fast.

  1. Stay away from empty calories

    Excess sugar, processed foods, sodas, aerated drinks, white bread, pastries, alcohol are some examples which have none or negligible nutritional value but they are high on calories. Avoid them altogether if you can. Switching to healthier meals will help you do that, get healthier substitutes in your meals. Something like a diet soda is also bad for your health so don’t make an excuse for having a diet soda again. Have water instead.Taking care of this alone can help you change your diet habits for the better, not only will you be able to put a check on your weight but you will feel more energetic and healthy inside. This also helps you in things like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases etc. So stick to healthy

  2. Make a meal plan for the day

    You will be surprised at what all you are eating and drinking through the day. Take a note of everything you have so that you can make a change in your diet. Instead of having 3 heavy meals in a day, go for 5 smaller portions. The idea is to have your body a regular supply of just digested calories. You won’t get fake hunger signals as these meals will make you full inside. Try and maintain a schedule of your meals so that you form a habit out of it. You will find a considerable decrease in emotional eating, cravings and hunger. If you dont really want to do all the research, there are very specific diet programs you can follow.

  3. Drink a lot of water

    Water keeps you hydrated and fresh. It detoxifies your body and also helps you in weight loss. Excess salt can cause temporary water retention which also means a temporary weight gain. But then excess salt is as bad as excess sugars.  Processed foods, restaurant meals, preserved foods have high salt levels, you can go natural and green by opting for fresh food.

  4. Get some exercise

    Even if you have never done anything related to exercise, start something. It could be as simple as going for an active daily walk. If you can also go for treadmills, trainers, rowing machines or exercise bikes. Each one has its own advantages you can compare. The benefits of regular exercises are so many that I cannot stress it enough.You want to know the best way to lose weight – do a combination of cardios and strength training. You will tone up and strengthen your body. You may not notice a change overnight but there is something which changes in your everyday. You body adapts to this exertion, it gets stronger in the process. You lose weight.

Now follow everything what I have mentioned here, there is no logical reason as to why you cannot lose weight fast. These are some simple things, most of us know but you have to follow them to get results. Many people would like to know the time frame of losing weight. You have to understand that one size does nt fits all. Everyone is different, our conditioning, lifestyles and fitness levels are different. Some people may feel a change in a week, 2 weeks, month or even six months. I have seen incredible results for people who take action and stick to it.

Ideally, try and keep a daily journal of everything you are doing, your diet and exercise routine. This way you will be able to find out the problem areas and work on them.

Take Action

Action is the key here. Remember that your body is ever changing, it never stays still inside – for better or worse. Its for you to make it a better change. Either you change it or it will change you – its your choice!!

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