Starting up with your fitness regime

Probably fitness is one of the most common personal goals people have for themselves. A lot of us have it in our New Year resolutions and some of us even work for it but how many of us want it so bad that it becomes our lifestyle, just as eating or drinking is. If it is not a part of your daily routine, you are not doing it right, or you are not motivated enough.


Now I being a spiritual person, strongly believe that being fit comes from within. You have to feel it inside you first and believe that you can be as fit as you want. No matter what level you are at. Everything inside and outside us and our physical reality is constantly changing and it could be for better or worse. If you work according to the laws things always work for you and the opposite is true as well. Now you have a choice in your hand as to what you want in your life. Whether you want a combination of a healthy diet and exercise work for you or you choose what is easy and let it take you over.

Either you choose what you want or let the easy and mediocre choose you..

There can be many different ways by which you can start your fitness regime or routine. But the most important is to start up something. I think this is also the biggest mental block for many people. They believe that it is tough or seek perfection even before they start up.

The first step should be to know where you are right now in terms of your fitness levels and where you want to go or what you want to achieve. People can have different goals which could range from weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain, leaner body, increase in stamina, increase in power and so on. You have to know what you want.

For eg – A regime for a beginner can be very different than a sports person. Some people may have limitations in terms or time and place so you have to work with in those limitations.  I personally know many people who want to know how a particular celebrity works out and copy him or her in order to get that same physique. Its always good to get motivated by them but you just can not copy them blindly.

If you want to run a marathon or you want a stroll in the park, you just have to get started. So get your self motivated enough and get fit. Soon you will find yourself addicted to the feeling of being fit.

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