Best Treadmill Under 500$

If is always good to have some kind of a fitness equipment at home. But you can not always have an expensive piece of equipment. There are a lot of good choices available in the market when you want to buy a treadmill for your home under 500$. This means that you cannot get the performance and reliability of a premium treadmill which is fine if you don’t want to spend much. … [Read more...]

Stamina Air Rower Review

If you are looking forward to get a rowing machine for yourself, there are many good choices in the market. Stamina air rower is one of the best choices you can have for a rowing machine. The best part of this machine is that it is very capable of giving you a full body workout and does nt cost as much as a concept 2 rower or a waterrower. This is a machine with a smooth … [Read more...]

Rowing Machine Buying Guide – Things You Should Know

If you want to buy a rowing machine for your home use, here is a guide you should be reading before making any decision. I am sure this will help you in making your choice. Rowing workouts – Are you comfortable with rowing The first question you have to answer when you think of getting a rowing machine for yourself is whether you have done rowing before and are you … [Read more...]

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer Review

Schwinn 430 elliptical trainer overview Schwinn Fitness is a well-known company which gives you a range of sports and fitness products. The company has been into fitness products like bikes and trainers for years and they know what market wants. Most of the products offered by Schwinn are of good quality and built to last. Schwinn 430 elliptical trainer is a mid-range front … [Read more...]

What Health Benefits Does A Rowing Machine Have?

A rowing machine can give you a full body workout as the exercise engages all your body parts. However, the big muscle groups which get a good workout from rowing exercises are back muscles and arms. Traditionally, rowing came from rowing boats but it has transformed into a very good exercise has has many benefits. Rowing machine benefits for weight loss Calorie burner A 20- … [Read more...]