5 Foldable Under Bed Treadmills That Actually Fit Under Your Bed

Compact foldable treadmills are great, you can use them as much as you want, in the comfort of your room and tuck them neatly under your bed after your workout. Simple and easy. Now, you don't have the reason, not to do your daily workouts. Even if these workouts are not very intense they will be good enough to keep your consistent in your effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your bedroom can be a great place to exercise. They are great for small spaces like apartments and small homes. These are especially good choice for stay at home moms, seniors or people who need a daily exercise routine. If you have a sitting job, treadmill workouts at home can be really helpful in getting some movement and better posture. We review 5 best under bed or flat folding treadmills that can fit under your best Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA Space Saving Treadmill (8730) Best Overall TREADMILL ASUNA space saving treadmill is a best seller in its category from Sunny … [Read more...]

Manual Treadmill Benefits And How Do They Keep You Fit

What is a Manual Treadmill? Manual treadmill is a non motorized treadmill or a motorless one. You don't need electricity to move on a manual treadmill, your own motion and pace controls the speed of the treadmill. Whether you want to walk or you want to run, it all depends on the kind of effort you put in. They are very simple machines which can have a flat, inclined or a curved belt. So the effort you put in to move yourself will also be the kind of speed you will reach. There are a lot of great benefits of using motorless treadmills over electric or motorized ones which can help you make a good buying choice. Advantages or benefits of Manual Treadmills 1. Less Expensive, Affordable These treadmills are much cheaper than their electric counterparts because they are simpler. They are a great way to exercise if you are looking for a machine that can help you with your walking or running indoors which makes them a popular choice as home fitness equipment Some of them … [Read more...]

What Health Benefits Does A Rowing Machine Have?

Rowing machine can have many benefits. These indoor machines can be good for overall health and they can help you in keeping you in good shape and posture. However rowers are more focused on back muscles so they are especially helpful to cyclists and runners. You can get information on how rowing machines can benefit you as an office going person or even a housewife or a busy mom. Some of the big muscle groups which get a good workout from rowing exercises are back muscles and arms. Traditionally, rowing came from rowing boats but it has transformed into a very good exercise has has many benefits. Rowing machine benefits for weight loss High Intensity Calorie burner A 20- 30 workout session with rowing machine is a good calorie burner. It can burn the same amount of calories as any elliptical machine. You can also add this to your workouts for some variation in your daily exercises. These workouts can be a combination of strength training and aerobic exercises. Effective … [Read more...]

Rowing Machine Buying Guide – What to Know

If you want to buy a rowing machine for your home use, here is a guide you should be reading before making any decision. I am sure this will help you in making your choice. You may be looking for a rower for fitness, weight loss, bad knees, bad back or seniors, these are some of the basic factors you should consider before making an investment into one. Rowing workouts – Are you comfortable with rowing The first question you have to answer when you think of getting a rowing machine for yourself is whether you have done rowing before and are you comfortable with it. A lot of people who are beginning with rowing exercises do not know the exercise and don’t know what to expect. So they get the machine and don’t use it. If you lose interest in your exercises, it will be a waste of your money and space at your home. Know the exercise before getting a machine If you are looking to buy any fitness equipment, make sure that you know what you are getting and you will be using it … [Read more...]

Exercise Bike vs Elliptical vs Treadmill – The Better Workout

Elliptical trainers, treadmills and exercise bikes are some of the most common fitness equipment used for cardiovascular exercises. They help you burn calories and improve your stamina or aerobic capacity as well. If you are new to this, it can be a bit confusing to choose one fitness equipment that can cater to all your needs. When it comes to fitness equipment, there is one simple rule you should follow - Get something according to your current fitness levels and your future fitness goals. Now each of these has some advantages and disadvantages which are given below.   Treadmills Pros – More flexible and versatile workouts Resembles natural body movement of walking, running or jogging. Higher intensity workouts which means that you burn more calories Walking and running actually helps to make your bones and muscles stronger One of the oldest, common and most effective fitness equipment you can find   Cons – One of the … [Read more...]