How Bad Is Running On a Treadmill For Your Knees

Treadmills are the most common piece of equipment all over the world. You will find them in gyms as well as homes. It's a great equipment to have but then how bad is running on the treadmill for your knees especially if you have bad knees or arthritis. Should you avoid running on treadmills altogether or can you run with some precautions so that it wont cause any problems to you. Lets find out. Treadmills can be good or bad for the knees The answer depends on some factors like age, fitness level body weight, techniques and shoes. Best way to answer this would be to ask yourself - is running bad for your knees in your current state of health. If yes, treadmills are pretty safe to use, and if no you have to take care. lets find out in detail. Running in general is a high impact exercise which can affect your knees. If you want something that has low impact, you can go for an elliptical or something like swimming or cycling especially if you are recovering from injury. You can … [Read more...]

Exercise | Birth balls during pregnancy and labor – Are they good?

Most of us should have heard about exercise balls or birth balls. Nothing too scientific about them, they are simple balls which are flexible and can withstand pressure. These balls can be really helpful in your pregnancy period, to the extent that they can be used in labor. This may sound surprising but this is true. Here are a few things which you should know about these birth balls. Safety first.. Birth balls, exercise balls and gym balls are essentially the same thing with different names. A good quality product should be made up from anti burst material so that in case of a puncture they do not burst or cause injury. They just deflate slowly which make them very safe to use. But make sure to get a good quality product. You should not get cheaper or low quality products when it comes to fitness equipment. Some of these balls can also have a non-slip finish so that they can grip the floor nicely. A birth ball should be able to take your weight comfortably irrespective of … [Read more...]

Best Tips For Walking To Lose Weight

Walking is always a good and a basic form of exercise which can be done by anyone. As compared to other fitness activities like running or jogging, walking is a very low impact exercise so it is always good for people who have problems with joints or back. Walking can also help you in weight loss. Although you cannot be dependent on walking alone for your weight loss, it certainly helps and has a lot of health benefits. Here are some tips for walking and weight loss Many of us want to know how many miles to walk or how much to walk before you start to lose weight.  There is no exact answer to this as I have said in my earlier posts as well that there are a lot of factors involved in this because fitness level of one person cannot match the levels of others. Results are bound to be different. Generally, you need to walk for at least 45 mins , 4 times a week to see the effects. As in any other exercise, when you take up regular walking, your body will be conditioned to this new … [Read more...]

Best Treadmill Under 500$

When it comes to budget treadmill under 500$ there are a lot of good choices, we compare a couple of them to help you find out which one is best suited to you. Sometimes it is better to go for the budget option rather than waiting to get the money needed to buy the best one available. You can get going with your exercise right away. It may not have the performance of a premium machine but then you don't have to think about your savings much. So what are the things that you should look for in this price range – Price is of course the first thing, then you can compare the user weight bearing capacity and overall weight of the machine. You can also check specifications, power of motor, resistance levels, safety features. Storage capacity, noise from the machine, ease of use, warranty etc. But these would be more of less the same. You can not expect a machine full of features at this price point but it should do the job well. We will cover some good brands and models which you can … [Read more...]

Stamina Air Rower Review

If you are looking forward to get a rowing machine for yourself, there are many good choices in the market. Stamina air rower is one of the best choices you can have for a rowing machine. The best part of this machine is that it is very capable of giving you a full body workout and does nt cost as much as a concept 2 rower or a waterrower. This is a machine with a smooth rowing motion and easy to use or store. This makes it a good rower for home use. The rower is quite capable of giving you a full body workout and does nt cost as much as a concept 2 rowing machine or a Waterrower. If you want a good capable rower at less than half the price of a high end rower, this is a good choice. We will get into more details about this machine Features of Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399 Designed to offer a smooth, solid, and comfortable rowing workout Wind for rowing resistance Resistance intuitively--the harder and faster the user rows, the greater the resistance will be Includes … [Read more...]